Public Enemies

Now this man needs absolutely no introduction, but last night was blown away by Depp in the film Public Enemies. Directed by Michael Mann, the guy behind one of Duke and Larn’s all time favourites ‘Heat’, it was utterly stylish, cool and slick. The cinematography was beautiful and mixed with the fashion, the suits, the glasses, the hats, in fact the guys definitely out shone the ladies. A most definite must see.


2 responses to “Public Enemies

  1. Ooh, must see this movie, Johnny Depp is so amazing to watch! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  2. I’ve just created a post on my blog regarding which Johnny Depp movie’s are people’s favorite’s. I loved “Public Enemies”, but it was hardly his best movie…actually, I tend to think that some of the least seen movie’s he’s made are perhap’s some of his best…”The Libertine” come’s to mind. In any case, let me know what you think and if at all possible, post some link’s on my blog to some interesting Johnny Depp info…alway’s a fan of JD! Thank’s! 🙂

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