Nothing gets the creative juices going then traveling to new and exotic climates and boy was Hong Kong hot!  Inspiration trips are key to what we do, looking at stores, new brands, the people, what they wear, how they live, where they hang out and generally just absorbing the atmosphere.

We stayed in the Marco Polo hotel in Kowloon, a slick but friendly place with THE comfiest beds, vital after an 11 hour flight. Kowloon once one of the most densely populated place in the world and still to this day is crazy busy, but heaven for those big brand fashionistas. Miu Miu, Margiela, Vuitton, Dior, Prada, you name it,  its all here and a one minute walk from hotel. These stores are some of the best we have seen in the world. I.T was definitely our best find in Kowloon, a modern, cutting edge store bringing the best labels known and unknown from around the world.


For the view and people watching head to Harbour city. Connected to the back of the shopping mall ( everything is – you can even get from hotel to mall, to office, to supermarket, to bar to restaurant and back to hotel without stepping foot outside ) We ate ridiculously well, head to House of Jasmine for the best modern Chinese food, dim sum, deep fried duck wrapped in lettuce leaves, tofu to die for, pork, sticky rice with earthy mushrooms, dumplings, the list is endless. Visit Spasso for the terrace as pictured with spectacular views over the water and Cucina for the yummiest gooey chocolate pudding……oh dear those spray on trousers and body con dresses we were rocking are a tad too tight now!

Member bars in London, can be pretentious, posing and expensive places so we were unsure whether we would get to see the real Hong Kong when visiting Feather Boa, one of Hong Kong’s only. But we were pleasantly surprised. This tiny unsigned sumptuous bar is decadently decorated serving the best chocolate dipped strawberry daiquiris, oh yesssss we had given up on the fashion diets by then!

We returned to London with heaps of new ideas, totally inspired and ready to get stuck in with our projects that waited, but oh the joy of jet lag, maybe one more strawberry daiquiri could help…..


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